Video: What to do when one of your OHV wheels went Oh-No-Bleep!


Unpredictable things could happen when you are outdoors!
including this.

Those of you know who know me well I take care of my own stuff, including and especially my favorite Polaris every time before I go out riding ! But that day, one of my wheels popped loud while I was riding. Suddenly my steering wheel was acting funny … and I slow down looked over my shoulder and the condition of my ride, and soon realized that my one of my back wheel was flat.

Good thing we always bring SAFETY EMERGENCY KITS with us all the time we are out riding! It is a MUST.
And sure we were happy we did.

Temporary fix that day was to give some air to this flat wheel, since we can not get that huge nail out with any tool we had.
We took it immediately to our mechanic to fix this and had temporary fix until we bought a new set of wheel. I needed new set of wheels anyway because I went on to a 390-mile ride in mammoth few months later !

The moral of the story: Stay Safe and Stay Vigilant!
Bring your emergency kits at all times. You never know when you need them.




Video watch short video what I found on one of my wheels after I heard a loud pop!