Video: Preventive Maintenance of Polaris

Watch this short video taken during my ride on sierra safari from Mammoth en-route Bridgeport to Nevada

I was so glad I did my routine maintenance check and other necessary care on my Polaris prior to this trip!

Preventive Maintenance consist of basic oil and filter service, and other necessary changes and updates on your vehicle. I replaced the entire 4 wheels before the trip because one of them had a huge nail from previous trip in Gorman. I must have ran through that huge nail when we rode through the power line, which is public trail access for emergency and other utility trucks. I took care of the nail by patching it so it will still be ‘rideable’. I did not want to gamble on my personal safety. Because I take SAFETY serious and it is important that you need to feel safe and secure throughout this long ride, I just went ahead replaced the 4 wheels! I was so glad I did.