[Video] New Years Resolutions: “Jar of Happiness”

As we embrace of the new year, we create our personal “New Years Resolutions”. It is a tradition of our world to celebrate the coming new year. It is with 7.6 billions of us people on this earth, we celebrate the New Year 2018 to make our personal resolutions. The most common top 3 resolutions are:

1. Financial Goals: make more money,

2. Health and Wellness: getting back and staying healthy, eating healthy, going back to the gym etc.

3. Relationship Goals. 

NickyDare - cover pic for Jar of Happiness video for YouTube

Setting goals and priorities are great as we all know and agree. However, what if these things are not achieved and fulfilled by your own set deadlines? How are you staying motivated by your own goals? How do you measure these goals? How are you staying inspired and motivated throughout the year? 



Watch this short video and listen in …

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