Staying Active: Let’s Hike!

Happy New You!

So glad to see you all again in this new year 2017. Been a way too long as I had traveled out of the country in most part of the holiday season. It has been challenging to catch up and back to the grind. Needless to say, we all have to keep up with ourselves in staying healthy in mind, spirit, and physically! Therefore, we plan to meet up this month (I know it is still a little chilly out there in Southern California but we all can adapt to this weather. Count our blessings we are not in the East Coast!!) Many had asked me to schedule an outdoor hike in local trails, but some just can not wait to this weather to warm up, therefore Let’s Hike!

On another bright note, I am seeing there is a growth in our group of Outdoor FAN, Fitness Adventures Networking, climbing to 133 HoneyBees members. Woot! Keep it up guys!!

Let’s get those hiking boots, trekking poles, small backpack ready for this fun adventure!! See y’all on the trails on Saturday, February 4 at 7:30am at Towsley Canyon.

Details of this event CLICK HERE



Join the fun with us !