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We love to see you!

Fill out the form below to request your secret code (ssshhh). Once received, we will provide you the link to join us! 

And yes, it is FREE (woohoo!!)

In midst of chaos and uncertainties in the world, this is a place where we can still hang out, give air hugs, and stay connected virtually together. Around the world.

We can learn, find solutions to our challenges together! This is YOUR place, OUR place to hang out. 


Play this video to watch some snapshots (don’t worry we already edited the ‘real good’ stuff) 

We have Questions and CTAs on each session, so keep up with us!  here are some examples …


Your place. Our place to hang out.  Whether you want to connect, chime in, network, offer solutions or other valuable information. 

Enjoy the experience. Sharing is caring. … and Knowledge is POWER!


These are challenging times filled with uncertainties. Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, un-motivated, stuck? We are all in this together. You do not have to go through this all alone.  Nicky Dare, the host, is creating a support group, a place for you, for anyone and everyone to:

  • share your challenges,  obstacles, and yes also wins!
  • build relationships with other fellow business owners
  • improve your problem-solving abilities in a group / team
  • get a sense of belonging and fun (yes we wear funny hats when speaking!) while working remotely
  • a place where you can share and offer ideas and solutions to one another
  • if you just want to hang out with us, we love to have you too!
If you are camera-shy (we know how you feel!) no worries, just sit back and be on listen-mode.
If you love to talk (we know how you feel that too!) we be sure to hand over the microphone to you. 



Who can attend? And yes, it is FREE (woohoo!!)

Our goal is to connect with everyone and anyone. We don’t plan to single anyone out! 

  • A human 
  • business owner, entrepreneur, serial preneur, solo preneur, multi preneur, billionaire, millionaire, single naire… you get our point.
  • homemaker, teacher, student, dropouts, wait… there’s no school anymore (for now!)
  • boss, manager, employee, … (we can’t keep up with all the titles)
  • anyone who wants to learn and grow.


You can bring any issue to the group and Nicky Dare, the host, will facilitate some feedback, along with others, so that we all can share our ideas, views, and solutions together. A place where we can pivot and scale ourselves, not feeling stuck, to leap forward and keep moving ahead in time of uncertainties. We are all here to learn, connect, and grow.

If you have question or concern, we recommend you write it down so you won’t forget to ask during the session. 



For now, many of us had agreed for Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm PST. 

Complete the form below and send it to us. Once received, we will provide you the link to our next session! 


Even though it is FREE (woohoo!) — Of course there are some basic housekeeping rules to follow: (not much to ask)

  • Treat others with respect, empathy, kindness, and love
  • No interrupting others when they are talking; you’ll get your chance to speak
  • As we value and respect your opinion, please NO Politics, racial slur, all that stuff. This is definitely NOT the place.  Thank you!
  • Keep it G-rating, please
  • Casual attires; heck, since we are all at home and times are all different, we highly recommend wear your favorite PJs, whatever you feel like (no nudity please, keep it to yourself)
  • Have fun, let’s all keep our love and camaraderie spirit while we can learn valuable information from each other


Relax, we just want to know you are and be sure you are who you are, not from outer space or something. That’s all. 

Just hit the button ONCE, no need to hit more than 12x (good grief). 

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Sharing is caring. Share and invite others!