[QUIZ] Safety Rules in Gun Handling | 'How SAFE Are You?'

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As a skilled marksman, Ms. Dare believes that knowledge surrounding emergency preparedness and firearm expertise is paramount. She has earned her hands-on firearms training experiences for over two decades.

Ms. Dare has taught firearms classes (rifle, shotgun, and handgun), both private and group, teaching hundreds of students to gain their confidence from basic to advance levels. In addition, she has taught exclusive corporate training as in Corporate Team Building, Leadership Team, Emergency Preparedness team coaching through private training.

Ms. Dare has also taught Active Shooter Preparedness (both presentation and simulation demo training) and Situational Awareness and ‘PPAT’ options-based strategy. She and her team had helped businesses, schools, and local places of worships to staying prepared in the event of both natural and man-made disasters through her community workshops and mitigation lectures, as well as her online webinars. She has collaborated with various organizations around the world, local businesses in her community, places of worships, and many other corporations.


Being a firearm ‘nug’ (spells backwards) owner is a huge responsibility! We take safety very seriously. There is no shortcut when it comes to owning and abiding to any and every laws pertaining to a firearm. If you are touching this object, you are expected to know and abide to every single law both in your state and federal. So please know your basic rules related to firearms.

Depending which state you reside in, it is important to always follow your state legal rules, regulations pertaining in owning a firearm. Please check both the federal and your state firearms laws. 

If you have been in any of my firearms classes, you know traditionally I’d start with SAFETY briefing, more than once  and throughout the course until you walk away from my class and my range, remember all these cardinal safety rules like you remember to brush your teeth every morning when you wake up and night before you go to bed! Okay, you get my point.  In fact, I’d invite my firearms attorney team to walk you through more details in anything and everything you need to know about owning a firearm! No excuses!

Firearms Safety and Fundamentals to Advanced Tactical | Firearms Training

It's not just learning how to stand and shoot! It's empowering, it's self discipline, it's overcoming fear...

Everything about today’s course I loved!! The objective, the instructions and definitely the hospitality! For it being my first ever time shooting everything was on point. Thank you so much Nicky, you are the best and amazing teacher! Thank you.
Anna Avila
I absolutely LOVE this class !! Thank you Nicky!! I learned safety first, guns parts, and aiming, shooting, and next I learned what we need to fix when failure function repair. Amazing!
Ellen Niit
WOW – I really enjoyed all parts of the course. I guess my favorite was learning the best way to hold my gun. Also the relaxing breathing. Really helped me. Nicky and her staff made the class so much fun yet informative. SAFETY 1st!! I want to make more classes!
Wendi Tidwell
We were provided way all the important basic information that gets overlooked. Everything was EXCELLENT! I am very happy with this course. Everyone had a great attitude. The instructors were all positive and PATIENT. Nicky was so nice from the first phone conversation I made before signing up. GREAT JOB Nicky! Thank you.
Veronica Santos
The thoroughness of instruction by Nicky Dare on safety and gun handling. The professionalism of the course. And of course the shooting!! There was nothing absolutely nothing I did not enjoy and learn from today’s class. Thank you Nicky! You are awesome!
Kathy Sondergaard
I had an absolutely great time today! It was great range, great instructors. Thank you Nicky!! Now I came away much more confident.
Oleeta Igar
What I liked most was learning how to handle a gun so that I will NOT be so fearful. Nicky and her instructor team were great and extremely very patient with us. Went slow and very informative. All instructors were very supportive and knowledgeable. Everything was excellent. I want to take another class from you again soon.
Elissa Williams
All around great! The lunch lectured was very important. Good lunch and great lawyer engagement – he did his best to get to everyone’s questions. Loved the sticker he provided me. I loved that Nicky is small … and a woman (where she shoots big guns too), because it is EMPOWERING as a small lady myself.
Cecilia Santos
The course objectives were very important! The instructors were super nice and informative. Lunch was great. I should have worn cooler clothing and brought a hat. But overall, thank you Nicky I loved the class!
Mona Romero
We both loved the instructions and live shooting sessions. Dry fire was an excellent way to get a feel for the guns. And we loved the part of discussing different techniques was very helpful.
Carolyn and Misa Seeger
The instructions were clear and that we review possible gun issues. These were important and I enjoyed and learned a lot!! I loved it all. Thank you!
Audrey R. Milliner
The class and how Nicky presented and demoed everything for us were very descriptive. Amazing ! Just amazing, I’ve done other courses before but I learned so much still.
Erika Carbajal
Overall information, and fear of firearms are all gone now. Thank you Nicky! And all of your instructors were amazing.
Barbara Ragland
I first come with fear but after this amazing course I feel safely. I had so much fun time here today. Mostly thank you Nicky you are a great teacher and very patient. I hope to see you again.
The course objectives were very important! The instructors were super nice and informative. Lunch was great. I should have worn cooler clothing and brought a hat. But overall, thank you Nicky I loved the class!
Mona Romero
I loved everything, just everything all of it!! Love the staff! They are all very concerned with how we felt and very thorough with the safety and details of the instructions.
Norma Yukon
Everything!! I loved everything today! Nicky and all her instructors were great. There was one guy with a leopard scarf who was very creepy and came out too ‘friendly’. Thank you Nicky for excellent class!
Makenna Cook
I loved everything today! The course objectives, instruction, both morning safety lecture and lunch lecture by the firearms attorney, and facility and your hospitality!! Very informative and the instructors were very patient and kind. I learned a lot and have really enjoyed it. This is a nice shooting range.
Grace Windhorst
Thank you for your hospitality and patience when shooting. All the instructors are very calm, patience, and knowledgeable  It was an excellent experience and I would recommend it to others. I am glad I signed up. Thank you Nicky.
Cassie Tsang
The instructors were all great. The visuals for taking aim that Nicky went over was very helpful for me. All other lecture topics were good. I would like more time for hands-on gun handling one on one, and proper loading etc.
Donna Pearson
Very informative. Great introduction class. Enjoyed so much you and your instructors team. Thanks for giving us the targets to take home!!
Dianne Kramer
The individualized instruction while shooting was great. Thank you! Got very good, helpful pointers. Very kind and patient instructors.
Abigail Kramer
I enjoyed the hands-on training and the CA Law lecture during lunch! Thank you Nicky for such a great class!!
Sloane Mitchell
I loved the instructors, details of safety. Nicky was great in providing the safety rules in gun handling! Safety first!! Very affordable cost for the class with lunch provided. Thank you Nicky.
Celia Wong
Shooting time and lunch lecture were my favorite. I enjoyed this class and had such great time today! Thank you Nicky.
Marissa Pearson
Private class on Family Safety / Home Invasion. Intimate personal one on one instruction. Clear and concise. F A B U L O U S !! Not enough Nicky.
Janet Gibson
Great one on one instruction and feedback. It was worth of a long drive from OC orange county. This was awesome! Thank you.
Kim Erb
Great hospitality and instructors! Safety was important! Thank you for your patience.
Marissa Mendoza
I absolutely love everything abou this class! It empowers me.
Tricia Holt
I love how Nicky presented the course and her team of instructors. She cares for our safety. Thank you.
Sarah McBane
The safety basics and small group helps to give me the personal attention I needed. So much value.
Donna Ohillete
The basics and safety in gun handling is very informative. I really liked the class. Thank you Nicky!
Gena Agbayani-Suminaga
I loved everything about the class. Thank you Nicky!!
Ofelia Iturrios
The instruction it was extremely informative. Nicky is an amazing teacher. We had so much fun today.
Katherine Yoon
Instructions, lunch and really liked the instructors! Thank you Nicky.
Tanessa Garibay
I loved the lecture and instruction the most! GREAT!! Will recommend. Great food, thank you. Very informative. Excellent day. Thank you Nicky.
Deb Stuart
The one on one training helped me a lot. Everything was great! I loved everyone. Except it was a bit warm today.
Tanya Cahoon
Loved everything, mostly dry and live shooting instructions.
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I loved everything today! Thank you and your instructors team for your patience. The lunch lecture by your firearms attorney was helpful.
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The lecture was so informative. Everything was great. All instructors were great.
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Amazing instruction! Demo on different guns was the best. I loved it!
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Great everything!! Friendly and nice instructors. Great fun and had so much fun while learning today.
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I enjoyed the class very much! Excellent instructors.
Meejung McPartland