Applying a well-prepared Situational Awareness mindset to your daily life

safety and survival


Situational Awareness 365°

Safety begins with 365° mindset. Our world is not linear.

Being safe is a personal responsibility.

Learn the Color Codes of Mental Awareness and OODA Concept may save YOUR life and loved ones!

Understanding the concept of Situational Awareness is a good start to your single most important self defense skill.

how Can situational awareness save lives?

Safety is a state of mind, so always be consciously alert of your surrounding at all times. Safety is your personal responsibility. You must know how to take care of your self and save your self, before you can save others and loved ones. 

the single most important self defense skill

Using Situational Awareness to prevent and avoid to be a helpless victims from predators. Allowing ourselves for the window opportunity to safely PREPARE and PREVENT from threatening situation.