Riding through 4 seasons in 1 day

Yes, believe it! I have been in many different adventures, but this one was exceptional in terms of weather conditions. The overall ride was estimated 120-130 miles per day, but the last day was the most memorable one! Here’s why: it started pouring hard like hell on day 2 all the way to the morning of day 3 which was the last day. Everyone was concerned of riding back safely with pot holes and other dangerous wet spots caused by heavy rain in the last couple days. So at dinner, Dick Allen announced of an alternative route going back to Mammoth. I know it would not be the regular route and likely take longer to get back but hoping it was safer, way safer! As it turned out, the ride took wayyyyyy longer than we thought. All the turns we were not sure to take, and the ribbons were not seen clearly at times we thought we did not make the right turns. It was still raining hard all the way on our ride back. It was terrible. Our hands were frozen, and  all we had to warm our bodies were the trash bags over our wet jackets. We had to stay hydrated meaning that we had to stop to go potty all the time. I remember we had to stop at the top of the mountain because all we saw was white snow! That was not even half way done our ride … So only stopped for few minutes to take video and pictures, we continued on the long ride back to Mammoth. On our way on these trails, one time we were on high elevation and saw a beautiful rainbow. It was the most incredible sight I had ever saw! The trail was extremely narrow that I was too fearful to fixated by the view I may fall over the cliff. That experience will always remain on my mind. What an adventure!