Video: Preventive Maintenance on Streetbike SV1000S (part1 of 2)

Preventive Maintenance on Streetbike SV1000S

Oil & Filter Service






Hi all you outdoor enthusiasts!

I have decided to tape one of my favorite chores (maintaining hobbies stuff! :)) hoping that any of you could use some valuable tips. The same week after I posted this on YouTube, I received a ‘Thank You’ email for this video as he needed basic information in his new bike!  Make sure you watch the Part 2 of this video.

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Every bike is different and unique, and it is a personal experience. Therefore, must be treated individually !


NOTE: Always revert back to your bike’s Owner’s Manual at all times !



Here are some important notes: 

  • This is a wet sump engine, therefore the Oil is contained in the motor and there’s no external oil tank on this bad boy!
  • Oil Quality is a major contributor to engine performance and life !
  • simple basic note: it’s a good idea to replace oil with FRESH oil prior to your next riding !
  • For top performance, I highly recommend manufacturer’s product. And always revert back to your Owner’s Manual !
  • Suzuki 10-W-40 motor oil
  • MA Rating / JASO
  • Choosing what is best for your bike is a personal choice. However, I recommend manufacturer’s factory products. Revert to your Owner’s Manual.
  • Use: SF / SG or SH / SJ

in API Classification with MA Rating in J.A.S.O.

  • For those of you who are interested to know what these are:

A.P.I. American Petroleum Institute

J.A.S.O. Japanese Automotive Standards Organization

  • Helpful Tip: (use common sense)
  • Step 1:

Be sure of platform, has to be leveled and free of debris and clutter.

  • Wear protective gloves !

Spark Plug is now going to get DOWN & DIRTY 🙂

  • Remove the Plastic Cover to access filter
  • simple reminder: When removing these nuts & bolts, be sure to place them safely and secured, so when you try to recover them you know where to find them again !
  • Removing the Oil Filter
  • removing the oil filter, you’ll need ranch and ratchet
  • Please watch next videos of Spark Plug showing how to Drain Oil and Change Oil !


Please watch Part 2 on YouTube HERE

Items you will need:

  • Oil drain pan

  • 4mm Allen key

  • 17mm drain nut

  • pocket / wrench

  • ratchet

  • oil funnel

  • K&N filter KN138

  • 2.7L 10-W-40 2700ml

  • protective gloves!


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