Outdoor Hiking at Towsley Canyon

Hi everyone … please do join us this weekend for some outdoor fun at our local hiking trail in Towsley Canyon.

Sunday, August 26, 2017 meet at trailhead by 7am.

hiking 2

With the school back in session, we need to take a little break already 🙂

As sizzling summer heat coming to an end, we want to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors. It has since last Spring we enjoyed the hike at Towsley Canyon. Let’s meet up soon this coming Saturday for a short 1-mile or 3-mile morning hike!

We take safety seriously, so here are our recommendations to prep yourself:

What to bring / wear:

• small backpack

• bottle(s) of water

• snacks (dried fruits, nuts, power bars)

• trekking poles (if you plan to hike more than 3 miles)

• small first aid kits, your outdoor survival items

• wear comfortable clothing (especially if you plan to hike more than 3 miles): layers (you can peel off if needed), waterproof hiking footwear, extra pairs of socks, sunglasses, hat, SPF, lip balm (SPF protected)

• bring rain tarp in your backpack (even though most likely won’t rain, it is always good to have this! … believe me, I have been hiking for decades! )

• those of you who are veterans hikers, you will continue on to the 3-5 miles hike trail. take your time and meet back at the trail head when finished.



[ Photos were taken in Spring 2017 ]

Waivers are available when you check in with us in the morning.

If you have any further questions, please reach out at (661) 388-5672

What we’re about

We are the HoneyBees, pollinating Good Vibes, Positive Zen energy and passion everywhere. This is a group for anyone who is into learning and fun. All levels are welcome!
Outdoor enthusiasts in fitness such as Yoga, Hiking, Power Walking while having fun. Great way to build self confidence and network. In this busy world, we all need time to wind down, relax, destress, and refocus, rejuvenate, balance our positive energy! Looking forward to exploring the outdoors with everyone. Without good health, we will not be enjoying good life!