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IAW, International Women of Association “Women Hold Half The Sky”

  Make this the year of YOU!! What are your dreams for 2018? Whether you want to land the perfect job, grow in your career, or achieve balance in your personal life, the International Association of Women (IAW) is here to support you! Through our International Association of Women Chapter, we help each other realize our dreams, share the knowledge we need to rise, and...

[Quote] Focus on the HOW TO’s

    Never focus on the WHYs. Start focusing on the HOW TOs. You only have one body. one mind. one life. It’s all yours. • Learn. • Set goals and plans. • Move Forward. • Make a self agreement. • Breathe … the world is yours

[Quote] Carelessness and Ignorance

  The 2 major issues in gun handling: Carelessness and Ignorance.   Carelessness is the failure to apply one’s knowledge when handling guns. Lack of care. Ignorance is lack of knowledge of firearms safety and operation.   As a responsible gun owner, you must maintain your responsibility of staying safe and legal at all times! No exception.

Kicking off our 1st Range Day in 2018 with “From Woman To Woman”

Our upcoming event on the range “From Woman To Woman” has been sold out as of last Friday! We are looking forward to seeing you all ladies on the range this coming Saturday, February 10 at Angeles range. Please read your emails containing all the range instructions, and FAQ’s.  

[Event] Emergency Management Response to the California Wildfire in 2017 (Burbank Fire Dept)

Hosted by iDARE® Inc. FREE. Open to Public. RSVP is required. RSVP HERE. Thursday, January 25 at Barnes & Noble in Burbank Guest Speaker: Eric Baumgardner, Emergency Manager of City of Burbank  

[Video] New Years Resolutions: “Jar of Happiness”

As we embrace of the new year, we create our personal “New Years Resolutions”. It is a tradition of our world to celebrate the coming new year. It is with 7.6 billions of us people on this earth, we celebrate the New Year 2018 to make our personal resolutions. The most common top 3 resolutions are: 1. Financial Goals: make more money, 2. Health and Wellness:...

Outdoor Hiking at Towsley Canyon

Hi everyone … please do join us this weekend for some outdoor fun at our local hiking trail in Towsley Canyon. Sunday, August 26, 2017 meet at trailhead by 7am. With the school back in session, we need to take a little break already 🙂 As sizzling summer heat coming to an end, we want to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors. It has since last Spring we enjoyed...

Let’s Network at the Winery [Co-ed]

In our continued effort to network in both professionally and socially, we are planning to meet up at the Winery on Saturday, July 29. We would like for everyone to share the fun!! Event is hosted by NAPW Santa Clarita Leadership Team. It is coed, open for everyone. After all, it is networking! And… sharing is caring. Let’s join together as we pause from the...

[Health & Wellness] Food, Sleep, Exercise

Food, Sleep, Exercise: Why You Need All 3 to Be Successful   READ HERE

Power Walk at the Park

Good morning HoneyBees! Join us for some Power Walk! Back to basics fitness is on the rise! With our busy daily craziness, we overlooked the power of walking. There are so many healthy benefits to doing a simple 20-30 minute walk daily. So why don’t we do this together! Bring yourself, bottle of water, and well okay … also your Yoga mat to do a 15-minute...

Team FeetForLife joins America Runs 5K

REGISTER is now open! JOIN HERE Our Team “FeetForLife”  Grounded To Stay Healthy Is A Way Of Life WHAT IS AMERICA RUNS 5K? America Runs 5K is a virtual race series where individuals can run anywhere & anytime to support a charity of their choice. Each participant will receive a ‘America Runs 5K’ race medal and certificate. Register today...

[Tips] Curcumin Turmeric

  My favorite fast simple quick easy snack on the go! Spinach, egg whites, berries, corn …and yes I sprinkle #turmeric on all my foods to #fightinginflammation especially when it’s cold weather! #spinach #healthyfood #stayfit #healthy#arthritis   Source: Instagram @NickyDare … and HERE’S WHY:...

[PRESS RELEASE] Nicky Dare appointed to Board of Governors of NANOE

SOURCE: DOWNLOAD FILE here –FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE– Nicky Dare Appointed to Board of Governors of National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives (NANOE) Washington D.C. – 02/22/2017 – The National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives (NANOE) is pleased to announce the appointment of Nicky Dare to NANOE’s prestigious...

Meetup Hiking on Sunday Feb 4

  JOIN US here!   more pictures and videos to come !  Check on my social media pages: Instagram and Facebook   
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