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About this group

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We are the HoneyBees, pollinating Good Vibes, Positive Zen energy and passion everywhere. This is a group for anyone who is into learning and fun. Outdoor enthusiasts in fitness such as Yoga, Hiking, Power Walking while having fun.

Great way to build self confidence and network. In this busy world, we all need time to wind down, relax, destress, and refocus, rejuvenate, balance our positive energy! Looking forward to exploring the outdoors with everyone.

Without good health, we will not be enjoying good life!



About this group

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We are the Safety Enthusiasts! Our main focus is Safety. And also Preparedness. 

"Safety begins with 360° mindset!"

"Apathy, complacency, denial are 3 primary barriers to good Situational Awareness"  ~ Nicky Dare 

This group also focuses on CERT training. If you are a current or past CERT member, please join us!

CERT, Community Emergency Response Team


“Safety is a state of mind. Personal Safety is prevention. Safety is YOUR personal responsibility!”

Outdoor Fitness Adventures and Networking


Safety & Preparedness

Safety Enthusiasts