Women Empowerment 

Make this the year of YOU!!

What are your dreams for 2018? Whether you want to land the perfect job, grow in your career, or 

achieve balance in your personal life, the International Association of Women (IAW) is here to support you!

Through our International Association of Women Chapter, we help each other realize our dreams, 

share the knowledge we need to rise, and help each other build the confidence that is vital to lead. 

Whether you are looking to promote your business, take the next step in your career, or connect with 

other women, IAW is the place to be. I’d love to add you to my chapter!

IAW, International Association of Women, is a global network of almost one million women that supports, 

motivates, promotes, and celebrates you and your success.

Dream, rise, and lead with IAW!

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Be sure to use code: OOD-9568

From my passion to yours,