Healthy Challenge!


Good morning Sunshine!

It’s no secret. We all know that WALKING is FREE and Healthy! Yes walking is free. I am not being silly. But how many of us had forgotten this? With so much small distraction we tend to focus on them, instead of the bigger significance in life. How many of us had forgotten to walk that extra steps? I am not talking about walking or running a mile … I am simply talking about just WALK. Anyone can do this !  You can even do this WALK on a casual slow walk or POWER WALK like you really mean it. Like myself, where I have physical limitation I can do POWER WALK instead of RUNNING. Spend 20-30 minutes daily. Try this for the next couple weeks. Doing this daily will combat your stress or any toxic in your body, and increase your energy. Post and Share your experiences.

The moral of the story is: Do what you can to stay healthy and active!

It is our HEALTH. It is our LIFESTYLE.

Join me and the rest of Outdoor Enthusiasts and Yogis! taking on iDARE Challenge.

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