Father’s Best Advices – Happy Father’s Day

NickyDare - Fathers Day quotes and words from her Father on book TheAudacityofVeracity- resized

Book, The Audacity of Veracity (2014) Pages 22-23


Dad’s messages throughout my life surged like waterfalls, cleansing me from within. “Always maintain your integrity,” he said. “Never lie or cheat to be successful. Honesty and truthfulness will place you among the few and set you apart from the rest. Never be deceptive, underhanded, or try to cut corners. There are no shortcuts in life – especially on the path to success. It all boils down to how badly you want something that you envision. You hold the secrets of life within you. It’s all there. You just have to know how to access and properly manage your innate gifts. As you cultivate yourself, also don’t forget to give of your heart. If you have money to spare, donate to homeless people and orphanages. Volunteer your services, knowing that not everyone comes from privilege. What truly matters in life is who you are, not what you have. Material possessions are meaningless, when compared to the priceless treasure of knowledge. Hold that sacred. Anyone can deprive you of material possessions – and even try to take away your pride; but no one can divest you of knowledge, which you inherit and acquire through experience. Along with knowledge, the true “wealth” of life is the measure of your faith. Trust in God and pray every day. This is the best investment that you can ever have in life.”



I love you Dad. I miss you every day. Happy Father’s Day.


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