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I have always believed that a healthy mind conduces to a healthy body. …I eat holistically variety of home-grown, organic seasonal fruits from our garden, and do my own cooking, while alternately indulging in dining out (also one of my favorite hobbies, in moderation, of course).”
“The Audacity of Veracity”, Page 171 ‘Mens Sana In Corpore Sano’


As many of you already know, I love to eat!
For many years I did not realize what “Pescatarian”* means, until during our fishing trip in Alaska decades ago, as we were approached by a local restaurant owner who suggested of my choice of diet. It makes logical sense! Because that is all I primarily eat: fish and vegetables.
Eating, in moderation, is one of my favorite hobbies: whether I am enjoying eating out at our favorite hangouts, traveling, or cooking for my ‘carnivore’ CaveMan and Pumkin in my own kitchen. All of us have busy schedules we often neglect to appreciate the simplicity of home cooking. Being a foodie myself, and often tight schedules, I maintain our family home routines. As a family, when we are not traveling on weekends, we always look forward to our family Sunday dinners. These are the best because often enough, we would grill our own freshly caught fish from the weekend trips. In our house, we have a common saying “It can’t get fresher than this!”

What is a “Pescatarian” ?

Pescatarians* are semi-vegetarians that focus on a plant-based diet with the inclusion of fish.

Pescatarians have no plant food restrictions: you can eat any type of fruit, vegetable, grain or legume.

Eats a diet primarily of fish. And vegetables.


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