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It is very timely and the author puts this so well together.  A very informative practical guide to survival for personal use and my family. Very easy to understand and to read all the way to the last page. Inspiring, informative, and very helpful at difficult times right now.

Andrew Jones

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It is timely for you to read and grab a copy of this Pandemic Survival guide. Because I care so much for your safety and wellbeing, and not to mention sanity during this lockdown, so for the next 30 days, I will be offering a special edition for you:

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Tips of  creative ways to entertain your kids at home during this pandemic. We get it. We never saw this one coming! Need more tips? We got you covered. This guide offers you all the tips you need to survive at home, keeping you safe and sane during this unprecedented and uncertain time.

Here are some 10 workout habits you can start today, from your confined space… around your home 🙂 your living room, your bed room, heck even in your home office ! Wherever you wish to do these exercises, please remember always have fun with it!  After all, this is all about you and releasing your energy.

About The Author

Nicky Dare

Advocate for Safety and Survival

Nicky Dare is a passionate philanthropist, incredible personal life coach, and highly-effective corporate consultant. Ms. Dare is an outdoor enthusiast whose life journey has been part of fulfilling her personal development growth. In the last decade, Dare has been helping people to prepare and get trained for the worst and unexpected disasters, both in natural and man made. 

Her hands-on experiences and generous character make for a combination unlike any other.

Author “Safety and Survival: Personal Preparedness Assessment Guide” (2018) and “The Audacity of Veracity” (2014). More of her books are coming soon. 


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