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on Nicky Dare’s belated father’s words

“Materials possessions are meaningless, when compared to the priceless treasure of knowledge. Hold that sacred. Anyone can deprive you of material possessions – and even try to take away your pride; but noone can divest you of knowledge, which you inherit and acquire through experience”

‘The Audacity of Veracity’, Page 23 ‘Phases of Light and Shadow’

Personal Development

The Power of You.

Your Bulletproof Mindset is your Secret Weapon to Finding Your Inner Peace and Serenity. Change is constant. Take control of what you can, and let go of all that you cannot control.

The world is stressed out!

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be stressful for people.

Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. You do not have to go through it all alone. Here are some roadmaps to guide you through these challenging times.

Dare’s Guide To Spend Less Time in Digital World, Detox and Unplug, and More in Real World!

Dare’s Guide To Combat Your Stress in a Chaotic World | 10-week eCourse Your Roadmap to guide you find your inner peace

Finding your Purpose and Passion Through Self Awareness

Motivational Books

The back-to-basic of only just a 10-minute meditation daily  for Focus and Success.  

E-Books and Courses

How these small and powerful habits can change your life! You have nothing to lose. Try them!

A practical guide for you and your family and loved ones during this pandemic uncertain time

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Leadership Development

How do you lead in a time of crisis?

Positivity is the fuel for productivity. In times of crisis, your leadership is crucial. As a leader of leaders, you expect to navigate new and ever-changing priorities with limited time to react and make decisions. 

Manage Conflicts And Achieve More Success In Life And Business

Regardless of where you are in your life, there is always the potential to do better. People can accomplish more, be more successful, be more financially independent. So, put away your boxing gloves, close your eyes, and breaa-thh-e. 

Here are your ROADMAPS to navigate and help you quickly and efficiently resolve issues and conflicts and so move forward to achieve more and live a better, more successful life


Manage Conflict and How To Be Assertive

Positive Attitudes To Enhance Your Success

Developing Your Productivity Habits and Self Discipline 

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You don’t need expensive software, special tools or time-intensive methods to boost your productivity. You just need some planning, creative thinking and a determination to stick to your new plan.

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