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on Nicky Dare’s belated father’s words

“Materials possessions are meaningless, when compared to the priceless treasure of knowledge. Hold that sacred. Anyone can deprive you of material possessions – and even try to take away your pride; but noone can divest you of knowledge, which you inherit and acquire through experience”
‘The Audacity of Veracity’, Page 23 ‘Phases of Light and Shadow’

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In her captivating narrative, The Audacity of Veracity - iDARE, author Nicky Dare chronicles her deeply personal reflections and life experiences. Aside from being a poignant tribute to her parents and upbringing in western traditions, the book is a celebration of life's joys and struggles, certain to resonate with all readers, particularly women. iDARE - Integrity of Diversity, Adaptation, Resilience, and Empowerment is a powerful credo that can be adapted and applied to any aspect of daily life. Its philosophies were born of one woman's challenges in transcending cultural divides, confronting tragic loss, relationship issues, sustaining an entrepreneurship, and juggling all of these demands at once. In a literal and metaphoric sense, the book is a travelogue, which takes the reader to different places in the world; and it is also an internal contemplative journey on which the author dares to take her readers, in the hope of sharing profoundly wise insights. Happiness is a choice. Dare to dream, to savour the moment, and to live authentically-iDare way!


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Book Reviews
Here are some of the best professional and editorial reviews of

Nicky Dare’s “The Audacity of Veracity” (2014)


Editorial Reviews (available on hard cover):

“Nicky Dare puts it all there on paper, beautifully and with conviction. It is a roadmap to the life you want. You have it, but if only you take the first step to shape your future”
Pat McDonell, Editor, Western Outdoor News


“My friendship with Nicky began with Nicky the philanthropist. Nicky has arthritis and I work for the Arthritis Foundation. Nicky partnered with the Arthritis Foundation to raise funds and awareness and to help find a cure for arthritis. I find Nicky to be generous of spirit and heart. She not only works to make herself the best person she can be, but she works to make others the best they can be. The Audacity of Veracity is a book that inspires me to dare live, dare to make mistakes, dare to thrive! I am inspired by Nicky every day. She motivates me to face my challenges with dignity and faith. I am proud to call her my friend”
Debbie Martin Director of Development, Arthritis Foundation, Pacific Region


“An excellent tour guide through life’s journeys and its lessons by a life experienced person”
Patrick Garrity, Film Technical Advisor, Celebrity Advisor/Consultant, Combat, Law Enforcement, and Military Personnel