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I do not believe in competition. Many of us are busy chasing rainbows, hungry for fame, power, and money. I prefer simplicity, and am happy to live in my world, where I can authentically define the scope of my efforts and views of success. There are three tiers to my life’s achievements: family, health, and happiness. It is important to keep our true identities in view and not become caught up in materialism or the facades of power and fame. Why give importance to these superficial considerations? What truly matters is to love and be our best at whatever we undertake. Such is my definition of happiness.

Here’s to your Health and Happiness !

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Corporate Coaching, Educator, and Motivational Speaker, and a helpless Hugger!

Social Entrepreneur, Philantrophist, just a normal prolific human

Range Master, RSO Range Safety Officer, DOJ FSC, Certified Firearms Instructor (shotgun, rifle, and handgun)

Just a girl who loves the outdoors!

SUPERGirl, fluffy didn’t RSVP, and an Outdoor Enthusiast (in case you haven’t noticed!)

A passionate philanthropist, incredible personal life coach, and highly-effective corporate consultant, Ms. Dare truly makes a positive impact on the lives of everyone she meets by helping them to live with a purpose and passion.

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Story of My Life ... Lucky Me!

Life is never a smooth path of pure bliss and peace. It is a cycle of ups and downs. As it is full of memorable moments, it breathes challenges and disappointments. It forces us to go through obstacles – be crushed, molded, and yet renewed. 

No one ever faced life without FEAR, loss, rejection, disappointment, heartache, and despair. Every single one of us has worn these masks. We cried; we panicked; we lost. It is part of our nature. But in every episode of sorrow, in every adversity, there is always a secret treasure – an opportunity.

Through a series of adversities and life’s curveballs Nicky Dare has experienced in her journey in life, she discovered how she unleashed the greatness within! And, what she wants you to know and discover yourself. 

Who is Nicky Dare?

Before becoming an author, social entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, Nicky Dare was a young career woman in her early 20’s, working as a corporate consultant and coach in a male dominating industry of business and engineering. Success was on her side, but life changed unpredictably and she faced it with series of misfortunes.

Nicky Dare has lived in 6 different countries and 3 of 7 continents in the world, and is a multilingual (English, Indonesia, Spanish, French, basic Dutch, and Arabic).

Shortly after being married, she was abandoned, dealing with a difficult pregnancy to the point of almost losing her unborn baby. After birth, with health complications, the baby had to be in a special intensive care unit. Two weeks after, her father passed away, suffering from a stroke.

Life was not yet done. She had to go through the turmoil of divorce, falling in love, and being broken—again and again. After losing a new marriage and career she has built, a new life emerged – but with many other new challenges. And years after, dealing with severe neck arthritis, she was diagnosed with a rare disorder EDS type 3, with unknown cure.

But with all of these, Nicky Dare remains resilient. Even with physical limitations, she has the power to remain positive.

And that’s the power she wants to share. She wants people to know that there’s beauty in adversity, light in dark, and opportunity in every loss. Like porcelain, she was crushed, molded, and burned. And yet, came out from the fire with new wisdom and new life. She believes that everyone can do the same, with the right philosophy and plan.

If she can conquer it, so can you.

In short, Nicky Dare is simply an aultristic and prolific human who has so much to give to the world!

What is iDARE?

iDARE is a philosophy that originated from Nicky Dare’s youth, a concept that was shaped and improved by her life experiences. It is the treasure she found as she was wheeled from one ache to another. A professional and personal maxim she wants people to embody and find their own growth.

Nicky Dare defines iDARE—an acronym for Integrity, Diversity, Adaptation, Resilience, and Empowerment—as an experience and a shift into one’s perspective that will bring you excellence:

“‘iDARE’ is intended to signify i-ndividual daring, and aims to inspire other to live their lives with truth and purpose. In other words, everyone has a back story which molds and shapes us. When we look at it objectively, with perspective set by time-honored cultures, traditions, and beliefs, we have access to the perfect foundation of our respective HIS-tory, HER-story, THEIR-story, YOUR-story, and MY-story…”

iDARE is more than just an affirmation, but a philosophy that life gifted to Nicky Dare through difficult circumstances. And it’s a gift she wants you to have.

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