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the secret weapon in overcoming fear


Mindset is the anchor to your resilience. It is the key to your power and the best weapon system. Mindset is a way of thinking. Build and flex muscle memory to foster confidence.

self reliance

Self Reliance is key to your survival. You must be your own first responder in saving your life before you can save others. Awareness is half way the battle to survival in life.


Training is part of the vein to your survival. We may not be 100% prepared at any given emergency situation, but through well-preparedness and proper training we may reduce disaster risks.


dare's survival guide

“Without obstacles, we never would know the true meaning of success or feel the exaltation of triumph over adversity”

Book “The Audacity of Veracity

back story

“Fear, loss, rejection, disappointment, heartache, family, dysfunction, unmitigated joy, and unspeakable despair all inexorable parts of the human condition.  … in transcending seemingly insurmountable hurdles, we can claim our true inner strength.”

optimizing every area in your life

From personal to professional growth.

Live the fulfilling life that you desire and deserve today.


Finding your life purpose and ignite it with passion. Seeking inward through self awareness to overcome fear, doubt, and life uncertainties.


Leading with core values of integrity, dedication, and determination. This world needs more ethical and non-acquisitive leadership !



Be Your Own FAN!



Life is not about finding yourself, rather it is about creating yourself. Authentically, and altruistically You!

iDARE is an acronym for ‘integrity, Diversity, Adaptation, Resilience, Empowerment’ is the hallmark of my life, derived from learning to evolve through difficult circumstances.

Educator, Author, Founder of iDARE® and DARE Education, Creator SA365°, President IAW International Association of Women of Santa Clarita Chapter, Corporate Consultant for Change Management and BPR Business Process Re-Engineering, Advocate for Disaster Preparedness, Safety and Survival, most importantly just a prolific human.


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Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands.

Colonel Jeff Cooper, U.S. Marine

You have to learn how to protect yourself, but it’s better to understand how to avoid getting yourself in those situations. Awareness is half the battle. Train your mindset to recognize the warning signs and protect yourself from being a victim.

Nicky Dare on “Survival and Situational Awareness”

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& survival

“Preparedness and training are the bedrocks to your personal safety and survival. These should be part of the vein to your personal and business life.”  ~Nicky Dare, Creator of SA365°

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Testimonials & Kudos

Don't take our words, listen to our past fellow mentors, students, and clients.

Nicky provides an exceptional method, approach, insight, and dedication to preparedness, readiness, and situational awareness. From personal experience, she is able to inspire participants to protect themselves in just about every dangerous situation, and, preventing getting into them. Her passion, commitment, and dedication, are evident in every step. A true professional!

Brian Barry

President-Dale Carnegie of Greater Los Angeles & Ventura CO. 2x Global Trainer of the Year. Strategic Advisor NAWBO-LA Chief of Staff - Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

I have had the pleasure of knowing Nicky for 19 years. She is a bright, joyfully enthusiastic person with drive and determination. Nicky is serious about her ideas, goals, and work. This powerful woman seeks out information on topics she is passionate about and studies them thoroughly and then uses that information to speak intelligently and educate others. Thank you Nicky for being a friend, student, educator and more.
David Gray
Former US Marine, Owner and Managing Director of Deimos Security Ltd, international security consultant based in Bangkok., stuntman for CSI Vegas, actor, military adviser, private security professional, Partner at The Trinity Spartan Rock Armory
Nicky is a natural leader and outstanding instructor who always goes above and beyond the call of duty. A 20-year review of disasters showed 90% of disasters are weather-related. I believe through iDARE Nicky's goal is that we as a people survive and are prepared in case of a natural disaster. I have had occassions to work alongside Nicky, who organized training events for women and I am familiar with these events Nicky organized. She will not rest until the message of being prepared is heard by all ! I would not hesitate to follow Nicky's lead as she is a great example of a "Top Drawer" leader.
Roosevelt Scott
U.S. Marine Corps. Special Response Team (SRT), who provided security for Execs of the U.S. Department of Energy, LAPD SWAT, British Special Air Service (SAS), the FBI'S Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), CEO Triple Threat Solutions
I have known Nicky for over 21 years. Nicky has the ability to assess a situation or project with great speed and ability to put things into action. I can always depend on her for superior organizational skills. I have seen her manage projects and groups large and small and deliver results. She is a joy to work with and will benefit any organization she decides to be part of. Many people state they work well with others as a common phrase but you will find Nicky has a unique ability to not only work well but energize any group she is involved with. She is a fast learner so if she takes on a project that may be new to her previous experience make no doubt about it she will learn what is needed quickly and make it a success. I can’t say enough about her talents and dedication. Please contact me for more input. I am in Asia about 80% of my time.
William Kinsey
Former VP Sales & Marketing Kevex Instruments Inc., Director of Sales, Asia TSI, Inc.
I attended recently a community workshop in Los Angeles, hosted by iDARE which was presented by its founder, Ms. Nicky Dare. It was a very informative workshop! Disasters are all over the world and not so far away from our community and the place we live and work. Well prepared and action taken are very important to all of us nowadays. iDare gives very detailed guidance and training to let us think and know how important the preparedness is not only to save our lives, but survive in all kinds of uncertainty and disaster approaching. Well trained people know what to do and what they can help not only for their family but the people around them and the community they live. All are beneficial. Thank you iDARE!
Lilly Lopez
SBDC Los Angeles
I participated at an Active Shooter event: “Active Shooter Preparedness | Now What?” that was very helpful in bringing awareness and information to the general public. This event was free to be able to reach a large segment of the population so I really believe iDARE is making a difference.
Richard Rosenberg
It was a pleasure meeting you. You are a beautiful ball of energy and encourage others to get energized too. Thank you for making us feel welcomed and an integral part of the division. Here's to much success in 2018!
Pam Hecker
Finance Specialist Raymore Peculiar School District
Ms. Nicky Dare was nice, engaging, and funny! The course “Active Shooter Preparedness” was very informative and got me thinking more about what I need to be more aware of my surroundings. Using the Situational Awareness techniques and tips she gave us.
Ashley Rodriguez
Criminal Justice,Woodbury University

Source: Seminars & Leadership training, Community workshops.  All comments are based on the original feedback received.


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